Sunday, March 28, 2010

Uma Thurman's new film the worst box office fiasco

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News reports show American actress Uma Thurman’s latest film Motherhood, a semi-autobiographical account of parenting in New York written and directed by Katherine Dieckmann, is all set to become one of the biggest box office humiliations of all times ‘after just one ticket was sold for the movie on its opening day’.

On the first day, the film’s collection at the box office was just £9, the price of a ticket for one person, and during the opening weekend in early March only around a dozen people saw Motherhood, allowing a collection of just £88 at the British box office.

Bad promotion and marketing plan seem to have caused the film’s collapse at the box office. The film was launched in only one UK cinema, the Apollo West End. The film’s producers falsely hoped that exclusivity would generate buzz about the film and lead it to box office success by word of mouth advertisement by viewers and fans.

The film critic Barry Norman said, "It’s astonishing that only about 11 people could be bothered to go and see Uma Thurman… It’s a reasonable assumption that there was a marketing and advertising catastrophe, and people didn’t know it was showing…"

Any way it was a huge embarrassing experience for the Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill star Uma Thurman. Motherhood also stars Anthony Edwards, Jodie Foster and Minnie Driver, and cost around £3.4 million to make. The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray on February 23, 2010.

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