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Mariyah Moten, Miss Bikini Pakistan 2009

Himesh Reshimya bollywood singer with Miss Pakistan World 2006 Mariyah Moten

Photo: Mariyah Moten with Indian music director, composer, singer and actor Himesh Reshammiya.

Mariyah was born in a Memon family in Karachi, Pakistan, as the eldest of three sisters and she currently resides in USA. A graduate of University of Houston (2008) with honors from the renowned hotel and restaurant management program at the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Mariyah Moten was placed Top 5 at the Miss Pakistan National Competition. After that Moten represented Pakistan at the Miss Tourism Queen International pageant in 2006, where she won the Miss Charity Title competing with 87 other contestants. Later in 2006 she competed in the Miss Bikini of the Universe Pageant held in Beihai, China.

It was the first time a Pakistani girl had participated in a bikini pageant, and it created controversial views, and Mariyah Moten won the Best In Media/ Miss Press title for being the most photographed and interviewed contestant in the Miss Bikini of the Universe Pageant.

In 2007 Mariyah Moten participated in another pageant, Miss Asia International 2007 where she won 2nd Runner up, a huge victory for Pakistan since this was the first time Pakistan placed in the Top 3 at an international beauty contest.

In September 2009, Mariyah represented Pakistan in the Miss Intercontinental held in Minsk, Belarus. Miss Afghanistan, Zallascht Sadat, also took part in this beauty pageant.

Mariyah Moten continues to model in the US and has attended the well-known New York Film Academy Acting School to pursue her career as an actress, and the opposition on her bikini appearances landed her on the cover of Sexy South Asian Girls 2007 calendar.

In 2009 Mariyah Moten received widespread news coverage when she met with former President of Pakistan General Pervez Musharraf (who is currently in self-exile) in Houston, Texas, USA.

More photos of Mariyah Moten are posted below:

Mariyah Moten, Miss Bikini Pakistan 2009


Miss Tourism

Modern Pakistani women

Pakistani Police women

Policewomen in Islamabad using an umbrella to protect themselves during a light drizzle in the evening as the city is under a spell of severe cold wave condition - photo uploaded to Flickr on 15 Feb 2008.

Women's Day in Pakistan 2009 marked by demand for education of women

Women's Day in Pakistan 2009 was marked by demand for education of girls and women in the Swat Province with a banner reading: "Save Girls Education in Swat".

Pakistani women look "Valentines Day" items at a shop

Pakistani women look at "Valentines Day" items stored at a shop in Peshawar, Pakistan, on Monday, February 12, 2007.

Pakistani beautiful females

pakistani girls models college (58)

pakistani girl

Pakistani girls enjoying smocking from a Hookah

British woman in Sheraton Hotel, Pakistan

Woman bathing in Sheraton Hotel, Pakistan

Photo: British woman enjoying a bath in Sheraton Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan

Miss Pakistan Bikini

First Miss Pakistan Bikini - Mariyah Moten

The note below this lovely picture says, "First Miss Pakistan Bikini - Mariyah Moten... Mariyah Moten First Pakistani ever to represent the Muslim Nation in a Bikini Pageant, Moten won the Miss Press/Best in Media Attention Award."

Miss Pakistan Mariyah Moten in bikini and Pakistan National flag

Miss Pakistan Mariyah Moten's "picture was published in newspapers all around the world when Mariyah Moten participated in the Bikini pageant representing Pakistan", says the note below this photo.

Miss Pakistan with Pervez Musharraf

From the note by the photo's author: "Miss Pakistan, Mariyah Moten, with Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf at a luncheon at Omni Hotel in Houston Texas... Miss Pakistan Mariyah Moten was received well by the former President (Pervez Musharraf). Moten had received tremendous criticism for representing Pakistan in a Bikini pageant back in 2006 held in Behai, China."

Miss Pakistan (Mariyah Moten) with The President of Belarus (Alexander Lukaschenko)

Miss Pakistan Mariyah Moten with The President of Belarus Alexander Lukaschenko at the Miss Intercontinental 2009 pageant in Minsk, Belarus. President Alexander Lukaschenko attended the 2 1/2 hour show with Alexander Rybak, Aresh and Morandi. The Judges panel included celebrites like Alexander Rybak and Dima Bilan, details with the above photo says.

Siobhan Parekh

Siobhan Parekh

Siobhan Parekh

Australian model Siobhan Parekh, 27, is of Irish and Indian parentage and lives in Sydney, and the winner of FHM's 2005 Girl Next Door competition. Parekh later became the first Australian to become a playable online game character, appearing as a superhuman martial artist in the short-lived game MMORPG Fury.

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Preity Zinta and Aishwarya Rai

lesbian, originally uploaded by Farhan Famay.

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