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Samba dancers in Darling Harbour, Sydney

Samba dancers perform at Darling Harbour, Sydney
Flavour of Samba, originally uploaded by betta design.

Juliana: Carnaval da Bairrada 2008

Samba dancer Juliana wearing bra in Carnaval da Bairrada 2008
Carnaval da Bairrada 2008, originally uploaded by leonel bras.

Samba Festival 2008

Dancers pose in bras at Samba Festival 2008
Festival de Samba 2008, originally uploaded by leonel bras.

Joana: Escola Samba no Pé

Dancer Joana wearing bra at Escola Samba no Pé
Joana - Escola Samba no Pé, originally uploaded by leonel bras.

Carnaval da Bairrada: João - Escola Paquetá

Woman wearing bra posing for photo at Carnaval da Bairrada
João - Escola Paquetá, originally uploaded by leonel bras.

Paulinha: Escola Batuque

Samba Dancer Paulinha
Paulinha - Escola Batuque, originally uploaded by leonel bras.

Carnival: Éden

Sexy woman in bra at Eden Carnival
Éden, originally uploaded by leonel bras.

Samba Festival: Sócios da Mangueira + Eliana

Samba Dancers and drummers at Samba Festival
Sócios da Mangueira + Eliana, originally uploaded by leonel bras.

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Boobquake 2010: Modestly dressed women seldom make earthquakes

Women's modest shirt
modestshirt, originally uploaded by john@comicslifestyle.

This modestshirt available at Blag Hag Blog is printed with the message 'Modestly dressed women seldom make earthquakes, Boobquake 2010'. The movement ‘Boobquake’ was kick-started by Jen McCreight, an American student from Indiana, in protest against the comment of the Iranian cleric Kazem Sedighi, 'Many women who do not dress modestly... lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes.'

Iran is a country that is constantly rocked by earthquakes. A major earthquake of a moment magnitude (Mw) of 6.6 on the Richter scale struck the Iranian city of Bam, surrounding Kerman province, on December 26, 2003. It occurred as a result of stresses generated by the motion of the Arabian plate northward against the Eurasian plate at the rate of approximately 3 centimeters (1 inch) per year. Deformation of the Earth's crust in response to the plate motion takes place in a broad zone that spans the entire width of Iran and extends into Turkmenistan.

There is little earthquake education in Iran, and the cleric also seems to be a product of it, though The International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology was established as a Public Education Department in 1990 to improve "the safety, preventing, and preparedness culture against earthquakes among all groups of the society." It may be noted, in October 2003, Bahram Akasheh, professor of geophysics at Tehran University, called the effects of public ignorance about earthquakes ‘poisonous’.

Following the Bam earthquake, Iran seriously considered moving the capital of Tehran, which lies on a major fault, on which scientists predicted a devastating earthquake similar to that of Bam. The most cited example was Isfahan, a city in central Iran that had previously served as capital until it was moved to Tehran in 1788. A similar movement to move the capital was proposed in 1991, but it is not implemented by the Iranian government.

What the clerics and the government of Iran need to do on an emergency basis is to educate people on earthquake preparedness, retrofit the poorly built buildings, and to build earthquake resistant buildings for the future, if they are genuinely concerned about the safety of the people, instead of telling people that immodest dress of women causes earthquakes.

Dollar store corsage edition of boobquake

American student from Indiana, Jen McCreight, found a novel way to protest against men deciding how women should dress, as an Iranian cleric commented women showing their skin causes earthquakes. His statement is too unscientific, and shows his limited knowledge of seismic activities and movement of tectonic plates. He also forgets that every second somewhere on earth earthquakes of minor intensity occurs.

A major earthquake that struck the Iranian city of Bam, surrounding Kerman province of southeastern Iran, on December 26, 2003, a moment magnitude (Mw) of 6.6 on the Richter scale, killed 26,271 people and injured an additional 30,000. The effects of the earthquake and damage was exacerbated by the fact that the city mainly consisted of mud brick buildings, many of which did not comply with earthquake regulations set in Iran in 1989.

Iran had a strained diplomatic relationship with the United States, but the quake thawed it. Following the earthquake the U.S. offered direct humanitarian assistance to Iran and in return the state promised to comply with an agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency which supports greater monitoring of its nuclear interests. In total a reported 44 countries sent in personnel to assist in relief operations and 60 countries offered assistance. Bam is still not fully reconstructed. Most of the populated areas of Iran, including Tehran, have buildings that are not built according to earthquake resistant designs. The capital Tehran itself sits on a huge fault line.

So, instead of concentrating on how women dress, it will help the clerics and the Government of Iran, if they think about earthquake preparedness. As this story shows, in case of calamities, the first relief measures may come from countries that have people, including women, who do not subscribe to the thinking of the clerics!

Boobquake Day!

A woman with low cut shirt on Boobquake Day
Boobquake Day!, originally uploaded by JeanC38.

A group is created on Flickr for posting photos of women posting photos on Boobquake Day! Click to view beautiful women from around the world showing cleavage to protest against an Iranian cleric's comment that women showing their skin causes earthquakes.

Inquiring minds want to know: Will boobs create earthquake mayhem?

A woman showing cleavag eon Boobquake Day
boobquake, originally uploaded by beebalalou.

This photo's author asks, "Will the boobs create earthquake mayhem?
inquiring minds want to know..."

Well, you must have already received the results by now. American university student Jen McCreight protested a statement made by an Islamic cleric claiming female immodesty caused earthquakes. McCreight, a 22-year-old attending Purdue University in Indiana, was encouraging women to bare their cleavage for a day in response to Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, Tehran's acting Friday prayer leader, who recently blamed earthquakes on immodest female clothing. Her move became very popular because ‘people are increasingly fed up with supernatural, anti-science statements, especially when they're hateful towards women’.

"Many women who do not dress modestly… lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes," Mr. Sedighi told Iranian media on April 16.

Boobquake - 36DD on the Richter scale

Brenda M Shaw celebrates Boobquake Day
boobquake, originally uploaded by Brenda M Shaw.

An Iranian cleric's claim that showing skin by women causes earthquakes was almost proved to be true, after Taiwan experienced a temblor coinciding with women across the globe baring their breasts in defiance, a media report said Tuesday. The cleric Kazem Sedighi had said on April 12, 'Many women who do not dress modestly... lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes.'

To show how irrational such statements can be Jen McCreight of, “a liberal, geeky, nerdy, scientific, perverted atheist feminist trapped in Indiana”, kick-started Boobquake, for which over 200,000 women across the world, including from Iran, registered on the Facebook event 'Boobquake'.

Coincidentally, a tremor measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale, hit Taiwan on Monday, though it caused very little damage, like, buildings swayed briefly but none fell and there were no casualties, and a landslide over a three-lane highway, burying three cars.

She said, 'I don't want people to force themselves to dress more immodestly than they feel comfortable. But if you want to wear a low-cut shirt or some shorts, whatever you like. And we're going to see if we actually cause more or more severe earthquakes today.’

According to Wikipedia 'There are around 500,000 earthquakes each year, 100,000 of these can actually be felt and minor earthquakes occur nearly constantly around the world in places like California and Alaska in the U.S., as well as in Guatemala, and, Chile, Peru, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, the Azores in Portugal, Turkey, New Zealand, Greece, Italy, and Japan, but earthquakes can occur almost anywhere, including New York City, London, and Australia. Given such frequent occurrence of quakes, and the number of quakes from 6.0 to 6.9 account for about 37% of all quakes, linking the dress-styles of women to earthquakes is irrational.

Boobquake Bench Monday Shot

Young Star Melissa, the author of this beautiful shot says, "I wanted to do a Boobquake Bench Monday shot today, so I went to the park since this bench is covered because it was raining & cold! I did not want to stand in the rain, although that could have been a good shot... I like the outtake picture better but that damn glare on my glasses ruins it. This shot was the last one I took and I was shivering by this time lol".

Boobquake Day was organized by a Purdue University senior Jennifer McCreight on April 19 in response to an Iranian cleric's opinion that women showing too much skin could cause earthquakes. According to reports, McCreight's Boobquake Facebook page attracted more than 90,000 followers. Her goal was to test if an increased exposure to ‘women's cleavage increased earthquakes in either number or severity’. Several thousands of women from the all parts of the world, including Iran took part in the event, as most of them felt that the cleric’s comment was too irrational and it amounted to men deciding what women should wear.

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Bharathi in Amuvagia Naan

The Big Bang Theory

Sexy woman poses in The Big Bang Theory
bangs, originally uploaded by istolethetv.

Tight Jeans: Dominican Republic

Fat big beautiful woman from Dominican Republic in tight jeans, T-shirt and shoes
Tight Jeans, Dominican Republic, originally uploaded by colros.

Dollicia Bryan on wallpaper

Dollicia Bryan wearing bikini reclining on a king size sofa
DOLL3, originally uploaded by lilastar123.

Z3 Tattoos Model

Fashion model in bikini showing her tattoos
4a6930a86948e, originally uploaded by thehoodnerd.

Model and actress Michelle Lummus

American model Michelle Lummus posing in bikini on beach
michsand4, originally uploaded by thehoodnerd.

Model and actress Michelle Lummus is featured in a beach shoot. Michelle is a professional model with over 4 years of experience in modeling. Her career as a model/actress has taken her around the United States from Florida to Seattle. Michelle loves movies and the theatre, enjoys TV, swimming, hiking, skiing, working out and taking acting classes.

Beautiful Gopika at ISKCON Festival of the Chariots

Gopika wearing sari at ISKCON Festival of the Chariots
Beautiful Gopika, originally uploaded by nyuPerspective.

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Serena Williams in saree

American tennis star Serena Williams in Indian sari
serena-saree-williams-tennis-star, originally uploaded by Sonjuhi.

Tamil girl in low waist saree

Tamil girl wearing low waist sari
low-waist-saree, originally uploaded by Sonjuhi.

Pink bikini swimwear

Kim Kardashian's marriage and affairs

According to newly-published court documents, the reality TV Star Kim Kardashian had to suffer brutal beatings by her ex-husband Damon Thomas. She married music producer Damon Thomas in January 2000, when she was just 19, and the marriage ended three years later.

The 2003 court documents were obtained by America's Star magazine, and they show, ‘Kim claims Damon would punch her in the face, slam her against walls and throw her across the room.’ he wanted her to be 'perfect', and he gave her $3,650 to get liposuction. quoted her as saying, "Before we left our home, Damon hit me in the face and cut my lip open. I fell into the bed frame and banged my knee hard. I was limping when we went skydiving… He threatened to kill me, my family members and the guys that I am dating." That wasn't the only threat against her life; he repeated it at least 12 times. However, Thomas has denied all accusations.

After her divorce, she dated R&B star Ray J in 2007 but later in that year she began dating NFL star Reggie Bush. Though the couple split at the end of July 2009, on September 29, 2009, ‘E!’ stated that Kardashian had visited Bush. According to their reality show, they began dating once again in October 2009, but they split again in March 2010.

Despite dating three African-Americans in the past, Kim Kardashian, famous for her sexy curves and gorgeous skin, stated she is not exclusively attracted to black males.

In 2010, Kardashian became involved with Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo when two were caught seen kissing in a restaurant in Madrid in late April 2010. Kim Kardashian went out for lunch with Ronaldo, and the two hot stars found delight in locking lips, reports. They chose Madrid’s La Dorado restaurant as the venue for the romantic lunch. Even though they left the restaurant separately, Kim Kardashian later chose to spend some cozy moments at Ronaldo’s mansion.

Kim Kardashian during morning walk at Miami beach

Kim Kardashian in bikini at Miami beach
kim-kardashian-gallery-1, originally uploaded by michaelk2030.

Kim Kardashian's morning walk on Miami Beach

Kim Kardashian bikini photo

Kim Kardashian takes a morning walk in two piece bikini on the beach in Miami while looking very hot and sexy.

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Model & Actress Neha Dalvi

Neha Dalvi, a strong and confident contestant for Miss India 2010 and Miss World 2010, belongs to Mumbai, India. She has already stepped into showbiz industry and have some Bollywood movies in hand, as per reports.

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The Round Jeans Statement

The Round Jeans Statement: Latin Babes

Denims and jeans do go very well with all kinds of combination clothing, if you combine them esthetically, well-fitted and taking the shape of your body into account. Though jeans suit all body types, it does not do well with excessive fat bodies, as well as shapelessly slim body types. Know your body type before you decide on the type of fitting or styles that suits you. Most designers take care of these aspects and advise their clients about what goes well for them, especially in the case of custom clothing. Not necessarily so, if bought from a ready-to-wear store. Your friends and admirers can also help by telling you what suits you.

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Singles' Chat

Angelica Panganiban of Singles' Chat

Meet or chat with single woman Angelica Panganiban, a mail order bride from the Flickr page of Singles' Chat, helping singles locate their desired friends or marriage partners.

Beach girl posing for photoshoot

Beach girl in bikini photoshoot

Stephanie Seymour in yellow bikini

Stephanie Seymour in yellow bikini

Wallpaper: Indian woman Sonya Agarwal

Desi woman Sonya Agarwal in bikini
Sonyaagarwal (3), originally uploaded by hitesh_ramchandani84.

Indian woman Sonya Agarwal

sexy desi woman Sonya Aggarwal in bikini in a swimming pool
Sonyaagarwal (2), originally uploaded by hitesh_ramchandani84.

Sonya Agarwal in swimming pool

Hot Indian woman Sonya Agarwal in bikini in a swimming pool
Sonyaagarwal (12), originally uploaded by hitesh_ramchandani84.

Sonia Agarwal wallpaper

Indian Actress Sonia Agarwal wallpaper
sonia_agarwal navel, originally uploaded by bolly,tolly.kolly,.

Actress Ranjitha

Tamil actress Ranjitha sexy photo
rajitha.sized, originally uploaded by

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Maria Sharapova: Roland Garros 2009

Professional Tennis Player Maria Sharapova in action at Roland Garros against Dominika Cibulkova in 2009
Maria Sharapova and her shadow, originally uploaded by sub_lime79.

This shot was taken at the Quarter Finals at Roland Garros 2009 when Maria Sharapova lost 6-0, 6-2 to Dominika Cibulkova.

American born gravure idol Leah Dizon

American born gravure idol Leah Dizon

The gaijin tarento, singer and Japanese gravure idol Leah Dizon, born on September 24, 1986, was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, before she moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2006 to pursue her career in the Japanese entertainment industry. She being the fourth of six children, Dizon’s mother is French-American and her father is Filipino-Chinese. She has two elder brothers, an elder sister, and two younger brothers. She grew up listening to rock and R&B music, took dance lessons and was in her high school theater.

Dizon started her career at the age of 19 thanks to a contract offered by a Japanese talent agency. In October 2006, she released her first photobook, ‘Petite Amie’ (girlfriend in French), which was ranked as the third best-selling photobook of 2006 and 2007. It was followed by her first physical single ‘Softly’ (February 2007), her second photobook ‘Hello! Leah’, and ‘Koi Shiyo’ (May 2007). Koi Shiyo was used in a Lotte TV ad, while ‘Could you be that one?’ was used in a PlayStation 3 Ninja Gaiden Sigma TV ad. Then released her third single entitled ‘L.O.V.E.U’ (August 2007), followed by her debut album, ‘Destiny Line’ (September 2007). Several other photo books and DVDs followed which were all well received.