Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Model Kristina: Dangerous Curves Ahead

Model Kristina shows her curves
Dangerous Curves Ahead, originally uploaded by Extra Medium.

Wonderful site location, one of the cutest random models and great photography! The author of this photo added some notes saying, "...During my trip to the Sacramento area back in Jan/Feb I discovered this incredible road and valley between a couple buttes about an hour from where I was working. Ended up taking my third most interesting photo ever. I’ve never really done a model shoot before, but this awesome road made me think how cool would it be to put a model right there in the middle of the road. But where would I find a random person with modeling experience on short notice to meet me in a random valley without ever meeting me? Well...". Click on this photo to read more and to view the other great works of this gifted photographer.

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