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Lindsay Lohan bikini 2912083

Lindsay Lohan bikini 2912082

Lindsay Lohan bikini 2912081

Katy Perry 2912083

Katy Perry at 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards 2008, Liverpool, England.

Katy Perry arrives for the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards held at at the Echo Arena on November 6, 2008 in Liverpool, England.

Katy Perry 2912082

Katy Perry 291208

December 25 - In Mexico with family and friends

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Katie Holmes 271208

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes, originally uploaded by katie Holmes ,The starlet.

Workload leaves Katie tired: according to a report in IANS, juggling her theater role and motherhood has led to Katie Holmes looking tired and forlorn, sparking worries over her health and beautiful looks. Her appearance in "All My Sons" is her first Broadway role and the two shows per day schedule of workload is turning out to be a quite a challenge for the star. It required that Katie spend too much time away from her family in Los Angeles, reports said. Husband Tom Cruise and daughter Suri are still based there, but have attempted to spend as much time with her as is possible for them.

Sierra Leone single girl Evelyn Simpsom

Sierra Leone single girl Evelyn Simpsom

Single girl Evelyn Simpsom, born on 15 April 1985, from Youff, Dakar, Sierra Leone, a high school student. Miss Evelyn is a nice good looking young girl, searching for a man for a long term relationship. Her hobbies include, watching movies, cooking, shopping, etc. She speaks and writes English. Her email: evelyn1simpsom@yahoo.com

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Marilyn Monroe 261208

Marilyn Monroe, originally uploaded by skookums.

Vintage Marilyn Monroe Movie Poster

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Jessica Alba 251208

Jessica Alba
jessica_alba_, originally uploaded by msrini73.

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Sindhura 231208

Sindhura sexy bikini photo
sindhura1, originally uploaded by msrini73.

Heidi Montag 231208

Heidi Montag wearing bikini at One and Only Palmilia resort in Los Cabos
26693PCN_SpeidiHoney, originally uploaded by ionline.

Heidi Montag who recently wed Spencer Pratt, soak up the sun on their Mexican honeymoon, in the exclusive One and Only Palmilia resort in Los Cabos.

Jessica Biel with bikini

Jessica Biel with bikini
Jessica Biel with bikini, originally uploaded by Amyhsu.

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Tyra Banks wins Emmy for outstanding talk show

This video clip from YouTube shows the 35th Annual Daytime Entertainment Emmy Awards, live from the Kodak Theatre on June 20th 2008.

Tyra Banks is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished top supermodels and talk show hosts of all times today. But her road to superstardom and international fame was full of struggles. The biggest obstacles, to name a couple of many problems she faced in her earlier years, were because of her skin color and her size.

The supermodel-turned talk show host revealed in an interview recently that she was snubbed more times than other wannabes because she did not fit in with the modeling industry’s standard perception of beauty. It may be recalled that when she was trying her chances in modeling industry, the concepts of beauty were in straightjackets of preconceived notions, tilting very heavily in favor of the white models. It may also be worth noting that there were very few accomplished black models at that time.

Brazilian models have been hot favorites for quite sometime now. And they continue to be so, though now there is a marked shift in favor of dusky or darker skin colors and the exotic chiseled looks, as the entrance of more and more models from Asian countries, especially India, indicate. This trend is clearly visible in the recent fashion shows, especially in Paris and other European fashion shows and America that showcased some of the creations of the top fashion designers and leaders of the modeling industry.

“My biggest obstacle was that I was black and curvy”, Usmagazine.com quoted Tyra Banks as saying. She even claimed that a number of designers blacklisted her because of her “hips and breasts”. The 34-year-old supermodel revealed that modeling bosses tried to convince her mother to put her on a diet, but her mother refused. “My mother told me the whole thing as we were walking down the street in Milan,” Tyra Banks said. “My mother said, ‘They say you are too curvy. Let us go order pizza.’ We walked into a pizzeria, and we discussed a career change”, Tyra Banks added.

Lindsay Dee Lohan

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Is Paris Hilton back with ex-beau Benji Madden?

Paris Hilton sexy cleavage show, Paris Hilton pictures, photos, images, wallpapers

Paris Hilton has sparked rumors that she has returned to her ex-beau Benji Madden after she was spotted with him talking "cozily" at a Los Angeles event, as agencies reported.

The Hotel-heiress who split from Benji in last November is reportedly keen to patch up and made a beeline for him as soon as she heard that he is attending the event. "Paris was doing interviews on the red carpet when madden appeared on the scene. He stopped to wish her at mid-interview and the two went together inside the store where she reportedly pulled him to a secluded corner so they could talk", the "Sun" quoting a source reported.

Paris waved off photographers. After grabbing drinks at the bar, Paris Hilton approached Nicole Richie, who was present with her boyfriend, Benji's twin Joel, to say Hi, and then she and Madden headed for the smoking patio for some more quite conversation.

When people asked Paris Hilton if she was back together with Benji, she reportedly "offered a knowing smile", the source added. Just two weeks back she hinted that the two might rekindle their romance. "I love Benji. He is such an amazing man and he is my best friend and he's been so great to me and so loyal," Paris Hilton said, and added, "I am still in love with him".

Scarlett Johansson to sue UK magazine

Scarlett Johansson, originally uploaded by Fracas Noir.

A representative for the Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has threatened to sue a UK based magazine that contains her "tell-all" interview, insisting that the interview was "wholly fabricated" to boost the magazine's circulation and profits. The "Horse Whisperer" graces the January 09 cover of Britain's Cosmopolitan magazine, and it seems, Scarlett Johansson speaks openly about her marriage with actor Ryan Reynolds. According to "E! News", Scarlett Johansson's publicist has slammed the magazine and insisted that journalists were not granted an interview with the star and that the article's context is completely false. (Source: Newspapers and Agencies)

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Anushka in blue sari 0029

Anushka in blue sari 0029
anushka-0029, originally uploaded by kuma_sivakk.

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Namitha in swimsuit

Namitha in swimsuit
namitha101, originally uploaded by avr_satya.

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Not afraid of the cold - Jasper, Alberta

Men and women ice-skating at Jasper, Alberta

The men and women seen ice-skating in Jasper, Alberta (Canada) are not afraid of cold, as the title by the original author suggests. There a lot of fine photography on all topics at his page. Click on the above photo to visit him at Flickr.com

That's Bollywood!

Bollywood actress
That's Bollywood!, originally uploaded by KaushiK™.

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Monalisa playing with balls

Monalisa playing with balls
Monalisa, originally uploaded by sreenivasp.