Friday, March 26, 2010

Heavy Metal Singer Kimberly Goss

Founding member of the Finnish heavy metal band Sinergy Kimberly Goss, age 32, was born in Los Angeles to a Korean father and a German-American mother, who was a jazz singer. She is a vocalist and keyboardist associated with bands such as Therion, Dimmu Borgir and Children of Bodom.

Before starting her own band she sang and played keyboards for Norwegian black metal band Ancient and was also the keyboard player for Swedish symphonic metal band Therion. In august of 1997 she and guitarist Jesper Strömblad formed the first incarnation of Sinergy. Over the years Sinergy has teamed up to tour with bands like Nightwish, Angra, Dark Tranquility, In Flames and Children of Bodom. They've also played some of the biggest metal festivals in the world including Wacken Open Air.

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