Monday, June 7, 2010

Fitness Mantra: Don't kill your appetite

Fat mature aunty showing cleavage and eating fatty food
1304, originally uploaded by Fladduk.

BIG is an overused word!

Woman in swimsuit exposing her big cleavage in a swimming pool
1705, originally uploaded by Fladduk.

Love is sharing secrets

Very old-aged couple sharing secrets and laughing
Still in love? I think so ; ), originally uploaded by Henný G.

Hanging onto Love

Hanging onto Love; two women in embrace

Banana Dress: San Francisco Carnaval 2010

Girls at San Francisco Carnival 2010 wearing Banana Dress
Hot Pink Feathers, originally uploaded by pikabon.

One leg up: Brazilian bikini girls

Three girls in bikinis on the beach pose lifting a leg each up
Bikini232, originally uploaded by donjuan970.

Happy girl, "How much is too much?"

Girl shows her big cleavage and laughs
Boobs12, originally uploaded by donjuan970.

Latina bikini girls cooling off in water

Latin American girls wearing bikini lying in water
Bikini233, originally uploaded by donjuan970.

Bikini model: posing for pictures

Bikini babe showing cleavage
Bikini234, originally uploaded by donjuan970.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oksana, a Russian marriage seeker

Sexy Russian woman seeking marriage
Oksana, originally uploaded by Single Maria.

LUDA seeks soulmate

Beautiful Russian mail order bride seeking a man for marriage
LUDA, originally uploaded by Single Maria.

YANA seeks marriage

Russian beautiful female poses for photo
YANA, originally uploaded by Single Maria.

TANIY, Russian woman seeking marriage

TANIY, sexy Russian woman in thong bikini posing for photo
TANIY, originally uploaded by Single Maria.

LARA, Russian woman seeking marriage

Sexy Russian girl posing for bridal photo
LARA, originally uploaded by Single Maria.

Hot Russian Girls on the Beach

Single Russian Ladies

Single Russian Ladies, originally uploaded by Single Maria.

Beautiful Russian woman for marriage - 22

Beautiful Russian woman from Mail Order Brides site seek men for marriage
Russian Women For Marriage 22, originally uploaded by Trulee2010.

Mail Order Bride: Andriana

Andriana, Russian Mail Order Bride, seeks marriage
Andriana 114AVB6 9, originally uploaded by Trulee2010.

Eastern European woman seeks marriage

A Belarus Bride

A Belarus Blond single woman seeking man for marriage in a mail order brides website
A BELARUS BRIDE, originally uploaded by Trulee2010.

Russian dating: Meet Russian Women For Marriage

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mata Hari in art forms

Oriental dancer Mata Hari shown in art forms
mata hari 3, originally uploaded by lady_picasso.

Mata Hari Statue in Leeuwarden

Oriental dancer Mata Hari's Statue in Leeuwarden
mata hari 1, originally uploaded by Erik'44.

Mata Hari's figure at Amsterdam Museum

Greta Garbo in and as Mata Hari (1931)

Mata Hari, a Dutch oriental dancer who spent some years in Indonesia, was arrested on being a German spy during World War I and executed by the French in 1917, though the charge has never been proved. Loosely based on her real-life story and more speculations, the film Mata Hari (1931) was made which was the greatest hit of Greta Garbo's career and MGM's biggest hit of that year.

Mata Hari - Vintage Postcard

Dutch oriental dancer Mata Hari on vintage postcard
Vintage Postcard~Mata Hari, originally uploaded by paper_pal.