Friday, December 4, 2009

Indian Mallu girls

An Indian Malayali girl
Sexy Indian mallu girls women, originally uploaded by enieer79.

Girls of the Indian state of Kerala are often referred to as Mallu girls, just like Bengalis are called Bong, Gujaratis Gujju, and similar names. Malayalis or Keralites, as people of India's Southern state Kerala are called, are one of the highly educated people of India having the distinction of having the highest literacy rates in India, almost 100 percent literacy. The people of Kerala are not only highly literate, but most of them are highly qualified doctors, engineers, computer and management professionals and in all other spheres of technologically and scientifically advanced disciplines of learning. They are also known for their highest levels of cultural and artistic performances, including dance, music, films, etc. They are also one of the cleanest people with the best international levels of hygiene and the best dressed. The people of Kerala can be found in most advanced professions throughout the world as employers prefer their higher educational levels and diligence contributing to any forward looking organization's skilled human resources.

The Kerala girls are highly talented, beautiful and can be found in large numbers in performing arts, including music, dance and the Indian film industry, including Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood and others. They are exceptionally beautiful, reliable and excellent homemakers.

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