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Indian hot actress Riya Sen wallpaper 134

Riya Sen is going to say, “Gone with the winds!” about her skimpy mini skirts, for a nine-yard Maharashtrian sari, as traditional women wear. Sen plays a construction worker in a children’s flick, Zor Lagake Haiya! After all her kiss-and-tell scenes, Riya seems to drift away from commercial cinema to serious cinema, if not art films. She has already done a serious role in a Bengali Film by Rituparno Ghosh.

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Marilyn Monroe so classic

Marilyn Monroe in "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend"

Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell

Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell
Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell, originally uploaded by kay_wrad.

This photo is of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, her co-star in the film, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” (1953), directed by Howard Hawks. Monroe was required to sing and dance in the film in which she played the role of Lorelei Lee, a gold-digging showgirl. After that Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell became close friends and Russell said about her as "very shy and very sweet and far more intelligent than people gave her credit for". Further, Jane Russell recalled that Monroe showed her dedication by rehearsing her dance routines each evening after most of the crew had left, but was habitually late on the sets for filming. Director Howard Hawks was very impatient with her tardiness. But Russell understood that Monroe remained in her dressing room because of her stage fright and she started escorting her to the sets.

Marilyn Monroe in Vanity Fair 2008

Free Marilyn!

Marilyn Monroe was once married to the celebrated author Arther Miller, who said about her, "She always sees things as though for the first time". His words are imprinted on this image.

Marilyn Monroe rare pinup image 1953 AD

Marilyn Monroe pinup image on vintage postcard, 1953

Marilyn Monroe still hot

Marilyn Monroe rare photos

Fashion model Ana Beatriz Barros wet and hot

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Text messaging and mobile marketing for winning campaigns

It is time to focus on where the advertising and marketing campaigns are heading to in these times of economic downturn, especially after news came about some well-established newspapers having closed down recently. Those who did not close down depend on internet advertising or other sources for revenue. The only one marketing method that did not tire out but steadily grows day after day is Mobile Marketing. It is the cheapest, most penetrative, and produces instant response from mobile phone users.

So, from small businesses to the largest international corporations, all are taking to mobile marketing using text messaging and other forms of mobile advertising these days. That simply indicates those who depend on mobile marketing need to divert to this ever-growing media, and those who are about to enter mobile advertising campaigns need to hurry up. But while taking a decision about mobile advertising one has to look for a company that can help you with SMS solutions to make effective campaigns at very competitive and affordable costs. Such a company is Cellit Mobile Marketing the founders along with staff of which are veterans in mobile marketing, mobile technology and software development for mobile phones.

Cellit’s SMS solutions for mobile marketing can be operated by anyone, highly suitable for small businesses. The high-end custom software from Cellit is widely used by global companies. Their software, easy-to-use tools and SMS solutions help businesses to leverage the power of mobile marketing by taking full advantage of text messaging, WAP and voice. Cellit is famous for their technology and software like House4Cell, Cellit Studio, Cellit Alerts, and CouponZap, just to name a few.

Their SMS solutions for mobile marketing, CouponZap, for restaurants, bars, nightclubs and many more such establishments, is now available for a very low monthly fees. CouponZap enables businesses to direct their mobile marketing campaigns straight to cellphone screens of cellphone users.

House4cell is Cellit Mobile Marketing's text-for-info real estate system. This easy-to-use tool is developed keeping the requirements of real estate agents in mind. When the mobile phone user texts a short one-word code found on real estate signs to a special phone number, she or he immediately will receive instant reply with details like the square-footage of the property, pricing, photos, etc. At the same time the real estate agent is sent the details of the person including her/his phone number and other contact information. Upon receipt of such info the real estate agent can contact the caller by fax, phone or email and close the deal. Property Mapping, Click-to-Call, and Fax and E-Mail Brochures are some other highly useful and popular features in House4cell.

Paris Hilton BFF Photoshoot

Bar Rafaeli swimsuit model - pool backdrop

Bar Rafaeli photo
bar-refaeli-5, originally uploaded by franckderenaire.

Virgin Mobile presents The Circus starring Britney Spears, Newark, NJ crowd

Virgin Mobile presents The Circus starring Britney Spears, Newark, NJ

The Circus starring Britney Spears, Uniondale, NY?

Britney Spears in a white net top

Britney Spears photo
britney Spears, originally uploaded by Veerans.

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Monna Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Photo of Monna Lisa
Monna Lisa., originally uploaded by Cosmic Ray..

Sindhu in figure hugging ensemble

Sindhu photo
Sindhu, originally uploaded by Veerans.

Sindhu in strapless tube corset

Sindhu photo
Sindhu, originally uploaded by Veerans.

Priyamani in jeans hot shotrs and white top

Priyamani photo
Priyamani, originally uploaded by Veerans.

South Indian actress Sameera Reddy puts on a widescreen grin

Sameera Reddy Looking Gorgeous in Saree

Mount Rushmore style Tollywood bigwigs wallpaper

Mount Rushmore, originally uploaded by phaneendrakumar.

Oops! This is not Mount Rushmore National Memorial, near Keystone, South Dakota, a monumental granite sculpture by Gutzon Borglum (1867–1941) located within the United States of America, but a poor, slumdog country cousin of it in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Anyway, it is a nice piece that can decorate your computer desktop wallpaper, size: 1024x768.

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Online shopping for sexy lingerie

Fashion gurus ask, if you have a beautiful figure why not flaunt it? True, from times immemorial, fashion or looking good preoccupied every woman’s thoughts. The desire to look sexy always existed in every age, in woman of all age groups. Only the way they dress, the materials used for clothing, etc. changed with the times.

When we talk about women’s clothing, or when women shop for clothing the most important and the most difficult part is shopping for sexy lingerie. It demands many things extra, extra time, extra efforts, and it becomes more complex if the shopping is done by a man who wants to gift some sexy lingerie to a woman.

No wonder, sexy lingerie is always linked to thoughts of intimacy, love and romance. These are positive feelings that are to be encouraged in the case of couples as a bonding factor in their relationship. So, when you consider buying panties, stockings, camisoles, you need to go to a store that not only stocks sexy lingerie but helps you with answers for your questions on what is the in-thing in fashion, pricing, material and what suits your looks and size.

For some people shopping for sexy lingerie is quite exciting and fun, for others it can be a scary experience. To get over these, you can go to the online store Flirty Lingerie for lingerie such as sexy costumes, sexy shoes, leather and even vinyl. You might need a little help in selecting the best for which you can even talk to their customer-friendly trained staff on phone or get email replies before the lingerie is delivered to you. No matter, who you are, for whom you want to buy, or what type of lingerie you want to buy, Flirty Lingerie can be your one-stop destination.

Aishwarya Rai, new hairstyle and jewelry

Natalija Osolnik modeling lingerie

Natalija Osolnik photo
Natalija Osolnik, originally uploaded by sing55out.

Lydia Hearst in lingerie

Lydia Hearst photo
Lydia Hearst, originally uploaded by sing55out.

Jennifer Hawkins in black lingerie with lace

Jennifer Hawkins photo
Jennifer Hawkins, originally uploaded by sing55out.

Jarah Mariano modeling lingerie

Jarah Mariano photo
Jarah Mariano, originally uploaded by sing55out.

Lingerie model Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova photo
Natalia Vodianova, originally uploaded by sing55out.

Madalina Ghenea modeling for lingerie

Madalina Ghenea modeling for lingerie

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Shortcodes for mobile marketing

Nokia Cellphone 2009

Advertising is the backbone of any marketing campaign. There was a time when the print media used to dominate all advertising campaigns. Then came the radio, followed by television and these too attracted a lot of ad campaigns. With the advent of internet, a lot of advertising campaigns shifted to the internet.

But the advent mobile phones penetrated the lives of most people much more than any other technological developments in modern times. Along with that, as it usually happens, ad gurus shifted their focus to mobile marketing.

And the best part is, while it is popular among all age groups, it has the deepest penetration among the younger generation, to the extent that today’s generation can be called the ‘mobile phone generation’ or ‘cellphone generation’. And they constitute the major bulk of the population, and the most consumerist. To penetrate your marketing strategies to this segment of the population you must talk their language and focus your marketing strategies on them.

Marketing on mobile phones has become increasingly popular ever since the rise of SMS from the beginning of this decade. It has also become a legitimate advertising channel, mostly free from spam, as most mobile campaigns use leads generated by users who participate in mobile campaigns. This could be through contests, surveys, free emergency alerts, games, polls, new arrivals in trends and events, etc.

Mobile marketing via SMS has grown phenomenally sending out millions of advertising SMS each day, using shortcodes, the short 5-digit phone numbers. This indicates how fast the modern entrepreneur is adapting to this new marketing media and getting the most revenues and profits ever! Won’t you like to use this dynamic new media to take your business to new heights?

The most powerful element of mobile marketing is the SMS shortcodes. But you have to select a company that is renowned in integrating mobile advertising, technology and other tools. Cellit Mobile Marketing, a member of the Mobile Marketing Association and the premier provider of mobile marketing solutions, has been developing mobile technology, and it is for everyone to use.

So, haven’t you always wanted to know how to get your own 5-digit phone number for text message promotions, for instance, on American Idol, text vote to 55555, Deal or No Deal Lucky Case Game, etc.? If so, Cellit Mobile Marketing will help you set you up with your own 5-digit phone number! It is highly useful for text marketing, text-to-win, and text promotions. You can also track the effectiveness of your traditional advertising quickly.

A business woman talking on a cellphone

Anne Hathaway in blue bikini 2

Anne Hathaway photo
Anne Hathaway, originally uploaded by Hollywood Bikini.

Kristen Bell in bikini

Kristen Bell photo
Kristen Bell, originally uploaded by Hollywood Bikini.

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Miranda, Alessandra and Marissa

Here is one nice picture that is worth your collection: three of the most beautiful celebrity females in the world, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio and Marissa Miller in lingerie. All the three internationally renowned models have appeared in the lingerie and fashion shows of Victoria's secret and most other top brands in fashion, publications, entertainment and business.