Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bikini Girl from South Korea

A South Korean girl posing in white bikini
Bikini Girls from Pusan 4, originally uploaded by Jeremy Chae.

Bikini girls having fun in Haewoondae, Pusan, a city in South Korea.

Aditi Sharma posing in sari

AditiSharma_NiceFun_net418, originally uploaded by rajkumar1220.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Proud Beer-Belly Girl

Beer Belly, originally uploaded by I Luv Namitha.

The note with this photo says, "Jessica proudly shows off the beer belly she got with her undergraduate degree". Nothing to worry about, a friend who liked this photo felt, as there are many men, possibly women and girls too, who are eagerly looking for beautiful females with big bellies. And possibly the focus is shifting to full-bodied women, leaving the leany-beany model-types high and dry! No idea what your take is on this, but it is a new trend, and a return to the olden times when being a bit fatty was considered aristocratic!

When Lara Croft raids the fridge

Plus-sized Lara Croft, originally uploaded by I Luv Namitha.

As per notes with this photo, this is how Lara Croft will look when she decides to give up tomb-raiding and stick to merely raiding the fridge instead.

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Paulette Reck, former beauty queen and model

Photo: Paulette Reck (on the far right) at the Miss World USA contest

Paulette Reck, a former pageant titleholder from Baltimore, Maryland who has competed in the Miss USA pageant, graduated from Mercy High School and Villa Julie College, in Stevenson, Maryland, United States. She won the Miss Maryland USA 1968 title. In the same year, Reck was declared the 1st Runner-up to Dorothy Anstett at, Miss USA 1968. In 1969, she won the Miss Maryland - World contest and was declared the 1st Runner-up at Miss World USA. After a successful career in modeling, television, and becoming the face of popular highly brands such as Pontiac and Cadillac as a model and spokesperson, Paulette Reck chose to become a successful wife and mother, as well as establishing herself as a businesswoman as real estate broker in south Florida.

Asian Models at Tanjong Beach, Singapore

Asian models in January 2009 Bikini Shoot

Asian Models Yuki, Krislynn, Pearl, Tricia, Sherlyn and Karen posing for photos at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa Resort Island, Singapore on 24 January 2009.

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Celebs in bikini-swimsuits

Sienna West on the Beach

Sienna West on the beach

anne curtis hot 1

Anne Curtis hot photo

Brigitte Bardot, Circa 1959

Brigitte Bardot bikini photo, Circa 1959


Jessica Biel in Malibu

Drew Barrymore bikini pictures 6-2007

Actress Drew Barrymore in bikini on the beach

Drew Barrymore in entering sea water

Drew Barrymore sexy bikini photos

Model in black and green swimsuit

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