Friday, December 31, 2010

Woman with a surf board on the beach

P1000432, originally uploaded by killthebird.

The sea, the sand, the sky and the woman with a surf board getting ready to plunge in to the sea. The season in most of the northern hemisphere may not be encouraging for many surfers and beach lovers to plunge into the sea!

But it is also to be noted that this is the season that most people prefer to go on a trip to holiday hot-spots in the southern hemisphere and many others that offer sunny beaches and many facilities like affordable accommodation, cheap local transport, and to top it all, mouthwatering local seafood cuisine! Now plan and enjoy your vacation! And start the New Year and the NEW DECADE with a happy, vibrant note!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The most beautiful eyes of Emma

Model Emma's portrait photography exploring her most beautiful eyes
Emma headshot 2, originally uploaded by paulcoxphotography.

I love this portrait photography for the fascinating the expression, naturally gifted beauty of the featured model Emma’s eyes that is suitably enhanced by one of the most talented photographers I found on Emma’s really nice skin color and great lighting complements the beauty of her eyes. The beauty of her face is second to none, and I find her much more beautiful than the so-called highly paid, highly publicized professional supermodels around these days! In this really stunning portrait, the photographer has superbly succeeded in exploring her beauty. The lighting for the photo is equally praiseworthy, as it naturally exposes her beautiful natural skin-tan, and it must be noted that her face is not loaded with paint (read make-up). Also, the bluish-gray background contrasts nicely with her skin color.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Having fun in the Tampa Bay area of Florida

"Just enjoying a day on the waters in and around Tampa Bay and soaking up the lovely Florida sunshine... and working on my tan...", writes this great traveler and photographer! She is always on the move and her account is full of beautiful photos. Click on the photo to view her really nice photos.

My friend and her cute friends

Brazil carnival special photo 251110

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Talita Martins: Brazil Carnival Photo

Here is a great shot showing a scene from Brazil Carnival. According to the author of this photo, on ‘November 19th, Rio de Janeiro had undergone an emotional night at the "Cidade do Samba". The great party was to decide who would be the next 2011 Rio Carnival Queen and Momo King.” According to the accompanying report, at least 3000 people had gathered there to watch the samba and carnival contest in Rio de Janeiro. The results, the reports says, had Bianca Ferreira announced the Official Queen, while Jessica Maia and Isabela Picanço the official Rio Princesses. Please click on the above photo to go to the author’s account at and view about 200 great photos by this author.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Big girls on the beach - photo #1210

Big girls on the beach bikini photo

bigger black girl in bikini

Girl on the beach in white bikini

bikini bottom

Girl on the beach in white bikini surfing

Doing make-up for a bikini model

Doing Make up, originally uploaded by Wildredrose.

The note below this beautiful photo shot by Garry Peters in Valentine Nebraska in June '08 says, "I'm a jack of all trades. This is me doing a model's make up before a shoot at the Western Nebraska Models and Photographers annual shoot".

BBW at Smith Waterfall in blue and black bikini

Diamonds are a girl's best friend - photoshoot at Valentine Nebraska

Pretty woman in pink at Smith Falls, Nebraska

Pretty in Pink, originally uploaded by Wildredrose.

Plus Model Kelsey

Plus Model Kelsey face shot

Plus Model Kelsey bikini picture

Plus Model Kelsey back pose

Plus Model Kelsey: Height 5'5", Weight 160 lbs, Chest 36 D, Waist 34, Hips 41/42, Thigh 25.

Plus size model facing the camera

Plus Size

Plus Size