Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marsha Ivins experiences weightlessness during flight

Photo: Astronaut Marsha Ivins experiences weightlessness during space travel in STS-98, date: 9 February 2001. Source: from NASA feature

American astronaut and a veteran of five space shuttle missions Marsha Sue Ivins, born on 15 April 1951 in Baltimore, Maryland, went to work for NASA's Johnson Space Center. She worked mainly on orbiter displays and controls before being assigned the duty as a flight engineer in 1980 and as a co-pilot on NASA administrative aircraft. In 1984 Ivins was selected as an astronaut candidate. She has flown aboard missions STS-32 (1990), STS-46 (1992), STS-62 (1994), STS-81 (1997) and STS-98 (2001). She has spent total 55 days, 21 hours and 48 minutes in space.

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