Monday, March 29, 2010

The Intrigue: new film by Silvio Berlusconi

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For those who hate summers, especially Mediterranean climate or, to be harshest, the tropical hot winds, April can be the cruelest month. For me, at least it is so, as it started affecting me, though a few days ahead, and this April promises to be the hottest!

End of April 2009 was not so nice either, if Veronica Lario’s ‘open letter expressing her anger at Berlusconi's choice of young, attractive female candidates, some with little or no political experience, to represent the party in the 2009 European Parliament elections’, is any indication! If what she found out about her hubbies’ dangerous liaisons is true, the lady, cannot, but do only what she did! Someone in her place could have even behaved worse! After all a marriage is on the rocks!

But I love the man too, especially his out of the world leadership and out of the box thinking. It was the third time his wife has done it to him, especially at times when he is muscling up all his powers to win power! A life and death situation and a wife should be with him, he expects! So, he demanded an apology from the erring wifie and even found subzero prospect of his marriage continuing! As I myself hate subzero conditions, you too may be, and we cannot blame Silvio Berlusconi, can you?

Reports say, of course from the gossip mills, on 3 May 2009 ‘Veronica Lario announced she was filing for divorce following her husband's attendance at a girl's 18th birthday party in Casoria, province of Naples…’ She claimed that Berlusconi had not attended his own sons' 18th birthday parties, and that she ‘cannot remain with a man who consorts with minors’ and ‘is not well’.

Look at the cute, innocent, teen face above! It is Noemi Letizia. The very the girl that desert-stormed the wifies brains! What will the poor soul do, if prompted to do, she can only do what she did! Call some paps, and their cronies who can blow things out of proportions, beyond repairs if it involves reputations and marriages, and reinventing theories on how successful scandals can be assembled from scrap, and send an entire nation of proud people like the Italians (sorry, I am not into the controversies the church has landed up, taking care of children). So, off she goes to the expert story spinners of the Italian press! She told them she calls Berlusconi ‘papi’ (daddy), ‘that they often spent time together in the past, and that Berlusconi would take care of her career as showgirl or politician, whichever she opted to pursue.’ Naturally, and that is what papi love is all about!

Berlusconi had a tough time, as it is he who has to invent ways for defense to the pint and electronic media, ‘swearing that he knew the girl only through her father and that he never met her alone without her parents. However, on 14 May, newspaper la Repubblica published an article showing the many inconsistencies and contradictions arisen so far and formally asking Berlusconi to answer TEN questions in order to clarify the situation. So what is the big deal? If they can build stories, he too is entitled for spinning some fairy tales!

Don’t worry, go ahead! The future is yours, after all Rome is not built in a day!

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