Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Saori Hara or Mai Nanami ?

Confused because of the title of this post? No need to, as she became known initially with the name Mai Nanami (sometimes written as Nanami Mai), and later switched to her screen name, Saori Hara, as her promoters might have liked it. Or, other reasons, I am not sure. Possibly any of this beautiful Japanese gravure idol’s fans would be able to tell us, or the industry sources would clarify later. Let us wait for it. Till then let us use her most popular name,

Saori Hara, for this Japanese model and actress.
As most people sometimes felt that there is something more than her Japanese origins for her slight Western looks, there is a perfect reason. This exotic beauty from the Hiroshima Prefecture was born in to a Japanese mother and her father is of mixed German-Japanese parentage. So, she has something German to her slightly westernized looks.

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