Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heidi Montag And The Mannequin: Who Is More Plastic?

Someone over the internet has put together this collage of Heidi Montag and a mannequin for a sexy lingerie brand. Both are wearing the same brand, make or design bras, and there are many other striking similarities. And the lifelike mannequin looks a real woman rather than a mannequin!

A comment below this photo asked, “Is her left eye lower than the right eye?” Another person observed, “Yes, your eyes are sharp!” Heidi Montag’s face is really asymmetrical, and it is clearly visible in her earlier photographs. She has had corrective cosmetic surgeries on her chin, nose and many more spots on her face and body, including breast enhancement surgeries. Heidi also holds the record for the maximum number of plastic surgeries on a person in a single day!

Another question that went around was, “Has she beaten Michael Jackson in promoting plastic surgery?”

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