Monday, May 31, 2010

Dubai: culture clash?

Dubai street photo showing shop selling lingerie and women in veils walking in front of it
culture clash?, originally uploaded by Makz.

I love the great theme of this photo-journalist, who has captured some of the wonderful scenes of Dubai. I have never visited Dubai, but when the many faces of this part of United Arab Emirates appeared in the world media, it fascinated me a lot, and tried to present whatever interested me to my friends through my blogs.

Dubai, is indeed, one of the wonderful places on earth with a multitude of cultures, the melting pot of the most modern and the most ancient, and a perfect blend of development and business models. One can find here people dressed in the strictest ways of religious customs and most liberated styles.

The author of this photo adds, "I have been trying to capture this image for many years. It's not exactly proper to take photos of conservative female strangers. So it's a little blurred but you get the idea. It's hard to get my head around this seeming dichotomy even though I've been here awhile."

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