Thursday, April 9, 2009

Text messaging and mobile marketing for winning campaigns

It is time to focus on where the advertising and marketing campaigns are heading to in these times of economic downturn, especially after news came about some well-established newspapers having closed down recently. Those who did not close down depend on internet advertising or other sources for revenue. The only one marketing method that did not tire out but steadily grows day after day is Mobile Marketing. It is the cheapest, most penetrative, and produces instant response from mobile phone users.

So, from small businesses to the largest international corporations, all are taking to mobile marketing using text messaging and other forms of mobile advertising these days. That simply indicates those who depend on mobile marketing need to divert to this ever-growing media, and those who are about to enter mobile advertising campaigns need to hurry up. But while taking a decision about mobile advertising one has to look for a company that can help you with SMS solutions to make effective campaigns at very competitive and affordable costs. Such a company is Cellit Mobile Marketing the founders along with staff of which are veterans in mobile marketing, mobile technology and software development for mobile phones.

Cellit’s SMS solutions for mobile marketing can be operated by anyone, highly suitable for small businesses. The high-end custom software from Cellit is widely used by global companies. Their software, easy-to-use tools and SMS solutions help businesses to leverage the power of mobile marketing by taking full advantage of text messaging, WAP and voice. Cellit is famous for their technology and software like House4Cell, Cellit Studio, Cellit Alerts, and CouponZap, just to name a few.

Their SMS solutions for mobile marketing, CouponZap, for restaurants, bars, nightclubs and many more such establishments, is now available for a very low monthly fees. CouponZap enables businesses to direct their mobile marketing campaigns straight to cellphone screens of cellphone users.

House4cell is Cellit Mobile Marketing's text-for-info real estate system. This easy-to-use tool is developed keeping the requirements of real estate agents in mind. When the mobile phone user texts a short one-word code found on real estate signs to a special phone number, she or he immediately will receive instant reply with details like the square-footage of the property, pricing, photos, etc. At the same time the real estate agent is sent the details of the person including her/his phone number and other contact information. Upon receipt of such info the real estate agent can contact the caller by fax, phone or email and close the deal. Property Mapping, Click-to-Call, and Fax and E-Mail Brochures are some other highly useful and popular features in House4cell.

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