Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shortcodes for mobile marketing

Nokia Cellphone 2009

Advertising is the backbone of any marketing campaign. There was a time when the print media used to dominate all advertising campaigns. Then came the radio, followed by television and these too attracted a lot of ad campaigns. With the advent of internet, a lot of advertising campaigns shifted to the internet.

But the advent mobile phones penetrated the lives of most people much more than any other technological developments in modern times. Along with that, as it usually happens, ad gurus shifted their focus to mobile marketing.

And the best part is, while it is popular among all age groups, it has the deepest penetration among the younger generation, to the extent that today’s generation can be called the ‘mobile phone generation’ or ‘cellphone generation’. And they constitute the major bulk of the population, and the most consumerist. To penetrate your marketing strategies to this segment of the population you must talk their language and focus your marketing strategies on them.

Marketing on mobile phones has become increasingly popular ever since the rise of SMS from the beginning of this decade. It has also become a legitimate advertising channel, mostly free from spam, as most mobile campaigns use leads generated by users who participate in mobile campaigns. This could be through contests, surveys, free emergency alerts, games, polls, new arrivals in trends and events, etc.

Mobile marketing via SMS has grown phenomenally sending out millions of advertising SMS each day, using shortcodes, the short 5-digit phone numbers. This indicates how fast the modern entrepreneur is adapting to this new marketing media and getting the most revenues and profits ever! Won’t you like to use this dynamic new media to take your business to new heights?

The most powerful element of mobile marketing is the SMS shortcodes. But you have to select a company that is renowned in integrating mobile advertising, technology and other tools. Cellit Mobile Marketing, a member of the Mobile Marketing Association and the premier provider of mobile marketing solutions, has been developing mobile technology, and it is for everyone to use.

So, haven’t you always wanted to know how to get your own 5-digit phone number for text message promotions, for instance, on American Idol, text vote to 55555, Deal or No Deal Lucky Case Game, etc.? If so, Cellit Mobile Marketing will help you set you up with your own 5-digit phone number! It is highly useful for text marketing, text-to-win, and text promotions. You can also track the effectiveness of your traditional advertising quickly.

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