Sunday, March 15, 2009

Vila Isabel, samba and platform sandals

Samba dancers are of the opinion that platform sandals, preferably with shiny straps and buckles that snake to the knee, help prevent them from tipping over and injuring their ankles, while dancing the lightning-quick gyrations of the samba dance.

"Platforms are safer," said Iris Sol, a 28-year-old dancer for the drum section of the Barroca Zona Sul samba club in Sao Paulo, "I've paraded with samba troupes since I was six, but the truth is that I was dancing samba when I was born".

Sandals with platform heels push body weight onto the balls of the feet, where the samba dancers’ body weights are balanced. Samba platforms go as high as 17 centimeters, or 6.6 inches and heels are extra wide.

"Platforms make women more beautiful, elegant and taller, with better posture. They help you stick out your chest and butt a bit," said Magaly Santos, 22, Sao Paulo's 2005 Carnival queen.

The carnival at Sao Paulo attracts a lot of international tourists, especially celebrities from all fields of culture and entertainment. And it is nice watch them through pictures, videos and television for those who cannot go there, thanks to contributors like the author of this photo.

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