Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brazilian dance

Brazilian dance
brasilian dance, originally uploaded by garageglam2bphotography.

Brazilian dance, Samba, is a lively, rhythmical dance of Brazilian origin and danced under the Samba music. There are three steps to every bar, making the Samba feel like a 3/4 timed dance, though it is a 2/4 timed dance. Its origins include the Maxixe.

The Samba music rhythm has been danced in Brazil since its inception in the late 19th century. There is actually a set of dances, rather than a single dance, that define the Samba dancing scene in Brazil. Thus, no one dance can be claimed with certainty as the "original" Samba style. Another major stream of the Samba dance besides the Brazilian Samba dancing styles is Ballroom Samba which differs significantly.

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