Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Miss Pakistan Bikini

First Miss Pakistan Bikini - Mariyah Moten

The note below this lovely picture says, "First Miss Pakistan Bikini - Mariyah Moten... Mariyah Moten First Pakistani ever to represent the Muslim Nation in a Bikini Pageant, Moten won the Miss Press/Best in Media Attention Award."

Miss Pakistan Mariyah Moten in bikini and Pakistan National flag

Miss Pakistan Mariyah Moten's "picture was published in newspapers all around the world when Mariyah Moten participated in the Bikini pageant representing Pakistan", says the note below this photo.

Miss Pakistan with Pervez Musharraf

From the note by the photo's author: "Miss Pakistan, Mariyah Moten, with Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf at a luncheon at Omni Hotel in Houston Texas... Miss Pakistan Mariyah Moten was received well by the former President (Pervez Musharraf). Moten had received tremendous criticism for representing Pakistan in a Bikini pageant back in 2006 held in Behai, China."

Miss Pakistan (Mariyah Moten) with The President of Belarus (Alexander Lukaschenko)

Miss Pakistan Mariyah Moten with The President of Belarus Alexander Lukaschenko at the Miss Intercontinental 2009 pageant in Minsk, Belarus. President Alexander Lukaschenko attended the 2 1/2 hour show with Alexander Rybak, Aresh and Morandi. The Judges panel included celebrites like Alexander Rybak and Dima Bilan, details with the above photo says.

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