Sunday, July 18, 2010

Konso girl of Ethiopia

Photo of a Konso girl of Ethiopia
Konso girl Ethiopia, originally uploaded by Eric Lafforgue.

Konso girl of Ethiopia: The author of this photo says, "Konso are rather rich tribe, cos they have a lot of fields and a lot of agriculture stuff. The villages are big, organised like wood fortresses, and are ruled by traditional chiefs. before the women were all half nude with a typical white skirt, but as missionaries are very active in the area, they tend to wear Arsenal t-shirt to hide their breast..."

The Konso are an ethnic group of people in south-central Ethiopia. They numbered 250,430 of whom only 10,470 people (4.18 per cent) are urban dwellers (the 2007 Ethiopian national census). Konso society is mostly agricultural and involves the irrigation and terracing of mountain slopes. Their food crops include sorghum and corn and cash crops include cotton and coffee. Cattle, sheep and goats are reared for meat and milk. The Konso people erect wagas, which are carvings created in memory of a dead man who has killed an enemy. The statues are often arranged in groups with statues representing the man, his wives and his adversaries present.

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