Thursday, February 19, 2009

貧民百萬富翁Slumdog Millionaire

With 10 Oscar nominations and sweeping the awards at Golden Globes and BAFTA, Slumdog Millionaire is expected to sweep the Oscars too, according to weather forecast experts and meteorologists at the Oscar Weather Lab. Additionally, Benjamin Button with 13 nominations are less favored by the curious breed of superstitious film criticism peddlers who has a dreadful fear of 13. Some of the most sought-after astrologists, palmists, numerologists (especially the Chinese variety, who fixed the date and time for the Beijing Olympics at 08:08:08 on August 8, 08 (08-08-08) and some most influential soothsayers at the Oscars have warned all those concerned that 13 is not good for the health of those who finally decide about the Oscars. Oooeee, getting a superfluous goose-bump!

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