Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Haruna Yabuki 2901091

Haruna Yabuki bikini model
Haruna Yabuki, professional Japanese model, was born on 18 December 1984. Haruna Yabuki made a splash in 2004 as a swimsuit model for Parco, a department store chain out of the fashion district of Shibuya. The ads featured Haruna Yabuki as a celebrity female Japanese swimsuit model.

Popular gravure idol Haruna Yabuki (中山エリサ) was chosen as the latest Triumph Bra model in Japan. This Tokyo native enjoys music, cooking and swimming.

The sexy bikini model, Haruna Yabuki is taking her new role as a Triumph girl seriously by receiving the same training as the sales reps for Triumph.

Haruna Yabuki TV Series: When a Dog Loves a Cat (TVB, 2008), To Grow with Love (TVB, 2006), La Femme Desperado (TVB, 2006), Just Love (TVB, 2005), War of In-Laws (TVB, 2005), Ten Brothers (TVB, 2004), Summer Heat (TVB, 2004), Not Just a Pretty Face (TVB, 2003), Triumph in the Skies (TVB, 2003), Square Pegs (TVB, 2002), Eternal Happiness (TVB, 2002), Let's Face It (TVB, 2002), The Awakening Story (TVB, 2001), Street Fighters (TVB, 2001), Old Time Buddy (TVB, 1997), Happy Harmony (1994-1995, TVB)

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