Friday, August 24, 2012

Beach scene in Sfakia, Crete

This photograph shows one of the most beautiful beaches in Sfakia, a mountainous region in Crete Island, Greece. Though there are several scenic beaches like this in Sfakiá, they are not visited as much as the beaches in the northern coast that attracts the maximum number of tourists. As a result, these beaches are remarkably clean, the air is fresh, and generally the environment is unpolluted, compared to other beaches and many seashore attractions in Crete.

The majority of visitors to Sfakia are rather adventure tourists who follow the hiking trails that cross through mountains in and around Sfakiá. There are a number of villages on the coasts but they are not crisscrossed by roads. Ferry boat services are popular to reach these destinations.

Tourists can find budget accommodation and other facilities, including small hotels and taverns.

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